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Frequently Asked Questions about Bookmarks Galore!
  1. What other software must I have on my computer to run Bookmarks Galore!?
    • Bookmarks Galore! requires Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista AND Microsoft Word (Bookmarks Galore! will not run with Microsoft Works). MS Word 2000, 2002(XP) and 2003 can often be bought on the internet at low cost.
  2. Can I download Bookmarks Galore! software products?
    • Yes the following products are downloadable:
      • Bookmarks Galore Release 4.2 CD
      • Splashes of Color CD
      • Born of Christmas CD
      • Celebrate Easter CD
      • Bookmark Calendars
  3. What Bookmark Calendars are available to download?
    • The following Bookmarks Galore! bookmark calendars (landscape only, standard size) are available in "print-ready" templates with a variety of backfill images.
      • 2009 Calendar
      • 2009/2010 split year Calendar (after 5/15/09)
      • 2010 Calendar (after 5/15/09)
  4. How soon after I order can I expect to receive my Bookmarks Galore! products?
    • If you order a downloadable product, it is available immediately.
    • We strive to ship your Bookmarks Galore! order within 3 days of receipt. If you select our standard shipping, it should arrive at your location within 2-3 days after shipping.
  5. Will I be able to print on both sides of my bookmarks?
    • Yes, you can print on both sides of Bookmarks Galore! Brite White and PhotoMatte Inkjet cardstock. (There are special instructions to help you accomplish this). The PhotoGloss cardstock (for use with either Inkjet or Laser printers) is only coated on one side by the manufacturer so it can only be printed on the front, glossy side.
  6. Can I use my own pictures in Bookmarks Galore! creations?
    • Yes, you can use any of the many backfill photos and/or designs that come on the Bookmarks Galore! CD or any other (yours or from some other source) pictures as long they are stored on your computer in a .jpg format. Your photos must be sized in your photo editor to 2 1/4" x 7 1/2" dimension/proportion to avoid parallax
  7. Will Bookmarks Galore! work on an Apple Mac?
    • No, at this time there is not a version of Bookmarks Galore! that will work on a "Mac" unless the Mac has "Word for the Mac" installed.
  8. Where can I find scripture text to import/paste onto my Bookmarks Galore! bookmarks?
    • Bookmarks Galore! provides two sources for any/all FREE scripture that you may wish to use. First, there are twelve pages of the most commonly used scriptures in the Promise Book Verses on the Bookmarks Galore! CD. Your Bookmarks Galore! software also provides a "hotlink" to which is a wonderful, free resource for any scripture in virtually any Bible version (and/or foreign language) that you may wish. The user simply keys in the Bible reference, chooses a language, does a "copy" and then a "paste" to import the scripture into their bookmarks. Scripture may also be imported with a copy/paste procedure from most Bible software sources.
  9. Are there quantity discounts available for large Bookmarks Galore! orders?
    • Yes, the Jumbo 60 and Jumbo 120 packets (providing a combination of cardstock and a corresponding number of bookmark sleeves) provide quantity discounts of 12% & 15% over the prices of individual items.
  10. Can I get a "sampling" of all of the bookmark tassels to see the colors?
    • Yes, you can order a "rainbow" pack of tassels that contains one tassel of each color.
  11. If I have a "previous" version of Bookmarks Galore! CD (Release 1.0, 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, 4.0) can I obtain an "updated" version (Release 4.2) of the software?
    • Yes, if you have an earlier version of Bookmarks Galore! installed, you can obtain an Update Version of Release 4.2 CD at a discounted price.
  12. Are there special settings that I must make to my computer to use Bookmarks Galore!?
    • Yes, since Bookmarks Galore! software uses hyperlinks and macros to simplify the use of graphics, there are several settings that are crucial if Bookmarks Galore! is to run on your computer. Install instructions prescribe correct computer settings.
  13. Are there instructions to help me import my own pictures into my Bookmarks Galore! bookmarks?
    • Yes, there are several sets of instructions (with illustrations) to help you import either the Bookmarks Galore! "backfill" photos and/or designs or your own photographs into your bookmark creations. With Bookmarks Galore! you will have a leading edge graphics tool called "Bookmark Maker" to make the handling of photos and designs a very simple, straight forward process that you'll find is fun to use.
  14. Can I use/import Clip Art into my Bookmarks Galore! bookmark creations?
    • Yes, there are simple instructions on importing Clip Art into your bookmarks. Also, there are instructions to help you to access FREE Clip Art sources to find a wide variety of Clip Art selections to enhance your bookmark creations.
  15. What printers can be used to print Bookmarks Galore! cardstock?
    • BriteWhite cardstock can be used to print on any Inkjet or Laser printer
    • PhotoMatte cardstock is designed specifically for an Inkjet printer only.
    • PhotoGloss cardstock can be used on either an inkjet or a Laser printer.
    • Since each printer (even within the same manufacturer) seems to print a little differently when it comes to top and bottom margins, you may have to "adjust" your Bookmarks Galore! templates to have them line up accurately with the perforation patterns on your cardstock. There are simple instructions with your Bookmarks Galore! software to assist you in doing this.
  16. May I phone in my order or do I have to enter it on-line?
    • We'd prefer that you enter your order on-line because it reduces the chance for errors in our entering the information that you give us. But, if you prefer, we will be happy to take your order over the phone (1-866-455-4088 toll free).
  17. Does Bookmarks Galore! have cardstock that I can make BUSINESS CARDS with?
    • Yes, we have just introduced standard cardstock with which you can create you own "design" business cards..and print them on both sides!
  18. Can I "laminate" the bookmarks I make with Bookmarks Galore!
    • Yes, you can use the Bookmarks Galore! templates & backfills to create your bookmarks and then print them out either on Bookmarks Galore! cardstock or on other paper and then apply the laminate plastic sheets or laminate pouches to them. It's cheaper and faster to place your bookmarks in Bookmarks Galore! bookmark sleeves rather than to laminate them, but if that is what you want it can be done.
  19. Can I create graphic images other than bookmarks with my Bookmarks Galore! software?
    • No, Bookmarks Galore! is about everything bookmarkish. The templates, backfills, perforated cardstock and sleeves are designed for only the standard size and Mini-Marker size bookmarks. Provisionz, Inc. (our parent company) is working on another product called BibleVista Creations that enables a user to create graphic verse cards in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  20. Does Bookmarks Galore! have a "guarantee" policy?
    • We guarantee that we can show you how to use Bookmarks Galore! software/templates/backfills to create bookmarks or we'll be happy to refund your money. The materials shipped to the customer must be returned to Provisionz, Inc. and the customer is expected to pay the return postage. If you inadvertently order Bookmarks Galore! and you don't have Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word, our practice has been to refund your money if the products are returned to us.
  21. May I sell the bookmarks that I create with Bookmarks Galore!?
    • Yes, absolutely. We have hundreds of customers who make and sell bookmarks as a "business". The only restriction we have is that you cannot create any electronic form (on a tape, Floppy disk, CD or DVD) of Bookmarks Galore!, its templates, backfills, bookmark designs, graphic design tools or instructions and sell them in that media. This includes duplicating the Bookmarks Galore! CD and/or programs for anyone else's use. Federal trademark & copyright laws protect us in that regard.


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